Terms of Membership and Community Standards

By requesting membership to Nocturnal Fandango, you understand and agree to the following “Terms of Membership” and “Community Standards.”

Terms of Membership

1. Membership is only open to individuals 18 years and older. All participants understand that the “Safe Word” to end their experience is “FANDANGO.” At which time this word is communicated verbally or in writing, our interactions with you will end.

2. Membership to Nocturnal Fandango’s projects is by invitation only. The organization reserves the right to discontinue a membership at any time, for any reason. Unless you have violated a community standard, you will be refunded your pro-rated amount of monthly fees less any discounts.

3. Tickets for ticketed events are nonrefundable at the time of purchase.

4. Members may choose to discontinue their membership at any time. Monthly members will not be billed for the subsequent month after their membership ends. Refunds to Season Pass holders will be pro-rated less any discounts received in the months up to that point, as these memberships are offered at a discounted rate.

5. Memberships that are discontinued by Nocturnal Fandango due to a failure to adhere, in our judgment, to our Community Standards will not be entitled to a refund of any remaining membership fee.

6. In signing up for Membership, at any tier, we will ask you to provide us with your mobile number, email and mailing address. By doing so, you are giving us permission to contact you through any of these means. We will never visit your residence without prior agreement from someone in the household.

7. You understand that in-person interactions and fully realized experiences will be accompanied by a “Waiver of Liability.” Participation in these experiences is contingent upon your review and agreement to such Waivers.

8. Finally, in signing up for membership, you understand that experiences for each participant will vary. There is no guarantee of a minimum number of interactions with any particular character. We will endeavor to provide the very best experience we can for each audience member, and will customize our approach with you in this spirit.

Community Standards

Nocturnal Fandango is committed to fostering a respectful community, where everyone feels welcome. Harassment based on age, gender, cultural or ethnic background, religion or spirituality, disability or sexual orientation will not be tolerated. We ask that participants establish clear limits with each other and that those limits be respected. Reported incidents of harassment or hate speech may result in discontinuation of membership with no refund. Additionally, participants may share personal and sensitive information and we ask that common sense and respect be used in sharing such information.

Have fun. Take risks. Learn from each other and from yourself. We know we will learn from you.